Devblog #1 Recruitment and Progress

3 Months Ago

Hello Rebels !

It has been 3 months since we closed our fundraising with BSCpad.
During these 3 months, we worked hard!
From now, we’ll be doing a Devblog every 2–3 weeks to keep you updated on the progress of the game.
We thank our community, who supports us every day, that’s why we want to share with you the progress of Kryptobellion on a regular basis.

8 Rebels Already Announced

We have already announced the first 8 Rebels of Kryptobellion universe with 2 clans “Tiger” and “Bunnies”.
These first characters will be the first cards available on the game, with different characteristics :

  • Strength
  • Damage
  • Character Ability
  • Clan Ability

We will explain soon in a dedicated devblog the fight systems, which will be fast and with a lot of strategy.

Welcome to Giovanni Gasparetto !

We are proud to welcome Giovanni Gasparetto to the team, our new Game Designer.
Giovanni has worked for Disney and Pixar Studios as a 3D Lead Animator and has been producing PC and mobile games for over 6 years.

Giovanni will work on all the game design, universe, scenery and effects.
Thanks to him, the content of the game with the rebels will come to life and we will share with you on the devblogs the progress on his side!

If you are familiar with the animated film Minions and The Grinch, you have seen his work!


We will also schedule live twitch on our channel so you can see how the Team works!

Bonus: As we have been working hard for 3 months now, we have planned to release a pre-alpha version of the game by next September!

Rebels, get ready for the fight!

More Info About Us :

Telegram Group :

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Speed Card Game powered by NFT & Blockchain

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Speed Card Game powered by NFT & Blockchain

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