Devblog #2 : Battle System

Hello Rebels !

We are working well on the game and we want to show you some early game footages.

Giovanni Gasparetto recently joined the team (3 weeks ago) and he is working hard on the game design and development.

This devblog is dedicated to explain to the community the Battle System on Kryptobellion.

3 New Rebels

Before explaining the Battle System, we want to show you 3 New Rebels that will be in the game!

  • Lola from the Bunnies Clan
  • Anita from the CyberPunk Clan
  • Catty from the Bunnies Clan

Let’s talk about Battle System

Because a video is worth more than 1000 words, here is an explanation of the Battle System by Giovanni Gasparetto, our Game Designer.

Remember, this is very EARLY GAME FOOTAGES, pre alpha will be much more beautiful with nice effects!

Follow us on Twitch to participate to our live twitch on our channel so you can see how the Team works!

Rebels, get ready for the fight!

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