Devblog #3 : Prepare for Alpha !

2 min readOct 8, 2021

Hello Rebels !

We are working hard to deliver the alpha by the start of October !

It may be delayed by maximum 1 or 2 weeks, because of polishing (Sound Effects, VFX etc…) to deliver the best alpha that will let you test the Battle System in Offline mode !

How can you access to Alpha Selection ?

We will announce the date & time for Alpha very soon, and we will chose 10 players that will access to Alpha !

The Giveway will be on our Twitter Account and you will have to share some tweets ! We have to be viral Rebels !!!

3 New Rebels

1 - Kean from CyberPunk Clan

2 - Bitminator from CyberPunk Clan

3 - Robotix from CyberPunk Clan

Any resemblance to existing events or characters is purely coincidental…

Life is a game !

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