Devblog #4 — Feedbacks from Pre-Alpha

Hello Rebels !

First of all, we want to thank all the community and especially the alpha-testers who gave us a lot of feedback about our first test pre-alpha version of Kryptobellion and its Battle System.

First footage of Pre-Alpha

Battle Board of Kryptobellion
Victory from Battle System

3 New Rebels & 2 New Clans

Here are 3 News Rebels from the Legends Sport Clan !

Left : Lyca playing volleyball

Center : Sharyll playing basketball

Right : George playing baseball

We are working on new Rebels from the Bling-Bling Clan, rich people and stars will come later from this Clan !

That’s is fellow Rebels, let’s continue and have fun.

Life is a game !

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Speed Card Game powered by NFT & Blockchain

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Speed Card Game powered by NFT & Blockchain

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