Devblog #5 — Happy New Year & Updates

2 min readJan 13, 2022

Hello Rebels !

It’s been a while that we didn’t published on Medium, and we have been a bit slow during last weeks (holidays and busy work…). But we will make more updates and promotion during 2022 !


New Clan & Rebels

Here are 1 New Rebel from the Legends Sport Clan and 2 New Rebels from Bling-Bling Clan !

Left : Jimmy rolling the guitar

Center : Maria playing tennis

Right : Jerry drinking wine

We are working on new Rebels from the Bling-Bling Clan and Legends Sport Clan, and new clans are coming soon.

What’s next for the Game development ?

We are hiring people on the Game development to make strong mechanics. Giovanni is already working on the UX/UI design of the game but we still need strong skills for the back-end mechanics and network to be able to have the multiplayer.

We are completly redrafting the whole Alpha test, it will takes times and we want to make it clean and ready to have another batch of Alpha testers.

We apologize for the lack of communication during those last weeks. We will make more updates during 2022 and we hope to publish a new Alpha version in this Q1 2022.

On Rebels Card Design level, we are working fast and we will deliver more rebels every month.

That’s it fellow Rebels, let’s continue and have fun.

Life is a game !

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