Hey Rebels ! Burn & Mint are preparing the presale. Thank you for your massive support on Twitter & Telegram, early supporters and hodlers of Kryptobellion Battle Pass.

How many $KRYPTO token will be available ?

We plan to mint 1,000,000,000 of $KRYPTO total supply.

Why this amount of $KRYPTO tokens ?

$KRYPTO tokens will be used for in-app purchases in the Game (Rare NFTs) and player incentives in tournaments. We need to have enough supply of the token for the long term economy of the game, keeping a token price low to allow everyone to hodl $KRYPTO tokens (even small players)

What will be the use of $KRYPTO tokens ?

$KRYPTO tokens will be the in-game currency, it will allow players to buy rare NFTs (Card skins, avatars…).

$KRYPTO tokens will be part of cash prizes of our Esport events. More info about tournaments here

Does player will need to buy cards in $KRYPTO ?

NO ! We are gamers, we hate “Pay-to-win” games. In Kryptobellion every player will be able to build his deck only by playing. In-app purchases in $KRYPTO will be only for cosmetic rare elements.

Are $KRYPTO Tokens vested ?

Yes ! Almost 80 % of the tokens are vested on a 2 year schedule :

What is the initial market cap at IDO ?

What is vesting schedule ?

NFT presale : 50,000,000 (5% total supply)

Public presale : 100,000,000 (10% total supply)

Team : 100,000,000 (10% total supply)

Listing & CEX : 50,000,000 (5% total supply)

Operations : 200,000,000 (20% total supply)

Marketing : 200,000,000 (20% total supply)

Players incentives : 300,000,000 (30% total supply)

More info about us :

Team KYC : KYC link

Telegram : https://t.me/kryptobellion_nft

Website : https://kryptobellion.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/kryptobellion

Presale access !!! : https://kryptobellion.com/presale/

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