Rebels of the Week #2 —Jena, Megan & Colossius

2 min readFeb 4, 2022

Hello Rebels,

Let’s discover today the new Rebels of the Week !

Jena — Legends Sport Clan

The legendary Jena is well known for her right feet, which can fire cannonballs at the speed of light. Part of the Legends Sport Clan, she can stun and kill her enemies with a single ball to their head.

Megan — Bling Bling Clan

Megan is a fan of selfies and her social media profiles, but she’s very smart. With her camera flash, she dazzles all her enemies and can cause them to lose their memory. Seductive, she knows how to deal with men (and women).

Colossius — CyberPunk Clan

Colossius is a cyborg who went through a lot of transformation in his youth. He is a giant full of muscle, who destroys everything in its path. Fed with Amiantic liquid, when he activates his special power, he can move mountains!

That’s it for the week guys !

Life is a game !

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